Klein Rivier Visit

The visit to Kleinrivier was tremendous we were a great group and we stayed at Black Eagle tented camp under the trees in the most beautiful kloof. It is always amazing to find these little gems hidden away in the Karoo. Their was a little stream and beautiful trees everywhere. Lloyd counted 67 different trees in the Kloof.

On Sunday morning we were joined by some more Dendro members and we did a long walk up the kloof, it was hot but there were some lovely pools for cooling down.

Lauridia reticulate ( E.C. climbing Saffron )

A very special small tree growing all over the kloof, this is quite rare and endemic to the EC between Humansdorp and Grahamstown. It differs from Lauridia tetragona as it is more a little tree than a climber.
Leaves –elliptic to broadly elliptic, dark green, leathery, veins raised below, apex and base tapering, margin entire ,petiole 2-5mm
Flowers — small, cream in compact heads
Fruit –globose,about 8mmin diameter going from green to red to purple

Photos from Tish, Rasheed and Jenny