Dendro Outing to Bushbuck Gardens

On the 26th November we did our second outing to Bushbuck Gardens in as many years. There was a good turnout despite the odd bit of drizzle. Nice to see some new faces from the Cape St Francis area. It is amazing to see how much progress Garth has made in clearing the alien invasives from his property over the past 12 years. I think the main contributing factor to his success is the thorough follow ups and monitoring that he is doing. Without this the whole exercise would be a complete waste of time. His neighbour is harbouring an immense black wattle forest and just seems so disinterested, what a loser.

The variety of trees was quite stunning. His trails are well set out and take you through little patches of amazing diversity. To see the Cape Chestnuts in flower was truly beautiful as usual. The nursery was well stocked and I managed to get Garth to part with some Dwarf beaches which was the find of the year!

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