How to become involved

Many people who visit this site may have a manifest or latent interest in trees but may not know where to start in pursuing this exciting and rewarding hobby. You need not be a botanist; we have knowledgeable members from all walks of life and backgrounds. Maybe you are a keen gardener, a hiker, a member of a nature club or just have the perception that you are drawn to trees.

Join up with the Atalaya Branch if you live in the Eastern Cape or in one of the many other branches scattered around the country as per the National Dendrological Website Next arm yourself with a decent tree guide book. The best one for beginners in the Eastern Cape is probably Van Wyk and Van Wyk, Field Guide to the Trees of Southern Africa which is available at most bookshops. It has recently been revised. The definitive work is Keith Coats Palgrave, Trees of Southern Africa. It is not recommended for new comers as it is quite difficult to identify trees if you are not used to using complicated leaf keys.